Jazz in the Park 2017

The largest festival with jazz soul in Romania. With diverse stages, hammocks, friends and lots of music sung in all sorts of ways, we celebrate in nature and close to it, midsummer, in Cluj, during the week June 26th – July 2nd, 2017.

The concept was born in New York, in the ’80s, and arrived for the first time in Romania, in Cluj. Here, we set up diverse stages, dance floors, vintage fairs and evening concert stages. We surround ourselves with hammocks, sweets, friends.

Festival activities and lounge


Chilling Out

Buhuhoo and Baloo Bags bring hammocks and comfortable seats, bean bags and blankets. Word of the day: relaxation!

  • Beanbags
  • Hammocks
  • Relax


Students from Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca are present an exhibition of sculptures and paintings in the central area of UAD from Central Park.

  • painting exhibition
  • sculpture exhibition


You can see and test bicycles or even personalize your own bike with Reborn Bicycles, Pegas will bring the best models for you and if you like electric bikes Bosch will wait for you. Everything in Central Park because there is always a place for bikes at Jazz in the Park. This year we are […]

  • Bicycles recondition
  • Electrical bikes
  • Pegas bikes


Central Park and Someş Riverbank concerts are with free admittance, but the participants can buy compulsory tickets, which can help the Jazz in the Park Fund grow. This year, we are involved in financing social and cultural projects, and a part of the Fund is going to be redirected to the Pata Rât community, where 1.500 live in an unfit environment, near the garbage pit.


Jazz in the Park International Contest finalists


Jazz in the Park Festival brought together bands and artists that play jazz music. Out of many bands and artist from different countries in Europe, 15 of them were chosen for the final. Here you can find the lineup, concert schedules and the list of the bands that signed in the contest.

The concerts will take place between the 27th and 29th of June, at the River Stage, on the Riverbank of Someş between 6-10 pm guaranteeing great nights, with good music for our attendees.

The ones who entered the competition have to possibility to win prizes up to the value of 5.000 euros and services totalling up to 1.000 euros: recordings, remastering of four songs by the Corvin Recording Studios. The final winner will have the honour to open the next year’s festival.

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Jazz in the Park, the festival that gave the Central Park back to the residents of Cluj City, will expand and develop next year: it will take over the entire city and it will grow according to three priorities – music, size and community impact. We are preparing several changes for the 5th edition: we […]

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