Participate at the Jazz in the Park competition!

We offer a chance for up-and-coming band to win money, exposure and a chance to perform on an important stage. Apply for the Jazz in the Park International Competition and get a chance to perform in front of over 2000 people, on the Riverside Stage of the festival. The competition will take place from the 27th to the 29th of June.

Application deadline: 1st of June 2017, 23:59 PM.

Main points:

Bands compete for four awards:

1st place: 2000 EUR prize + an invitation to open the 6th edition of the festival in 2018

2nd place: 1000 EUR prize

3rd place: 550 EUR prize

Special prize: 100 EUR for the best vocalist, 100 EUR for the best musician

The band who will play the best original song will receive recording, editing, mix and master of 4 pieces in a professional recording studio. We have a last special prize of 100 EUR for composition.

Why to participate:

You don’t have anything to loose, there is no participation fee!

You will be promoted online on our website from the moment you applied.

The Festival has 3 full days dedicated to the Contest on the Riverside Stage, so all the crowd and media will be there to see you.

If you are selected in the final 15 bands, you have the chance to perform a 30 minute concert in front of thousands of people.

We will provide you backline and all the technical support.

We will give you accommodation and meals for two days, and 150 euro for transportation/band. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of experience or you are at the beginning of your carrier.

Music genres:  We’re looking for bands in the following music genres: Jazz (with any influences), Nu Jazz, Acid Jazz, Electro Jazz, Swing, Trip-Hop, Acoustic, Rockabilly, Soul, Blues, Fusion, Cover (but only if it’s jazzy).

Application form: It is essential that the application form is filled out correctly. We require this information in order to make sure that we get in touch with the right people if we have any questions. Also, we require a video probe of the band. Quality of the recording is not important.

Selection: Our own artistic department is in charge of the selection of the bands. During the competition, the winners will be selected by a jury formed by 5 members of international and Romanian musicians and jazz promoters, also from the contest manager of the festival.

Sound check and concert prep: You will be allowed to perform a 30-minute sound check before the show and you will have about 10 minutes to prepare on stage before the performance.

Tech rider: When asked, please supply a full tech rider, with a stage plot or an equivalent in PDF of word format.

Backline: Will be supplied for every artist

Jam sessions: Every night of the festival closes with a jam session with the bands that performed during the day. It’s like a light after-party. You are not obliged but it’s recommended that you participate in the jam session, because of the possibility of interacting with the most enthusiastic fans of the festival.

Photo – Video rights: All concerts will be filmed and photographed by our crew and the material will be used for promotional reasons (after movies and posting on social media). However, if the materials will be solicited for other usage, the band will be asked for approval before any use of the materials

What chosen band will receive beside prizez:We will give accommodation and meals during the bands participation at the competition (full 2 day). A transport scholarship of max. 150 EUR. Exposure at the festival

We wish you good luck and  hope to see you at the competition!

Numele formației

Numele artiștilor și instrumentul la care cântă (membrii care vor fi prezenți la Concursul Jazz in the Park 2017)

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Introduceți link-ul youtube către clipul demo. Înregistrarea trebuie să fie live, de minim 2 minute, în componența formației care va participa la Concurs.

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Încărcați o fotografie a formației în componența care va participa la Concurs, format jpg, dimensiune maximă 2Mb.
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