A Jazz in the Park initiative

Jazz in the Park Fund

The Jazz in the Park Fund is the way that the festival participants involve in the community. Each year has a different cause in which we believe and we are supporting it in order to produce a positive change around us. Central Park and Someș Riverbank concerts are free admittance, however anybody can help the cause by buying one or more non-mandatory tickets at Jazz in the Park.

The minimum amount which can be donated is 10 lei (2 euros). In exchange for the 10 lei donated, you receive the Jazz in the Park bracelet, and if you choose to donate at least 50 lei, you can also receive a T-shirt which states that you helped the Fund to grow.

This year, the Jazz in the Park Fund has 2 objectives:

  1.       Financing 2 community support projects for the area of Pata Rât, by financing educational, social and cultural initiatives.
  2.       Financing the most creatives and practical initiative that are useful for the city, just as we did last years.

About Jazz in the Park Fund

In 2015, Jazz in the Park became the first project in Romania who introduced the concept of non-mandatory tickets: festival access is free, however those who want can buy themselves a symbolic ticket, and the money raised are directed to a fund that helps supporting community projects.

In a practical way, the Jazz in the Park Fund transforms the festival into a holiday, where the community joins together, enjoy the events and have the possibility to sustain the actions that are good for the city.

The fund raising started on the 9th of June 2017 and the projects that are going to be financed are going to be set by a public call launched in July 2017. The projects that involve activities in the Pata  Rât community are going to get some extra points.

The collected money go to Jazz in the Park Fund, which in 2015 and 2016 supported artistic projects. In 2015 we raised 10.000 euros and in 2016 15.000 euros. The Jazz in the Park Fund is the way a free pass festival has turning the normal persons into an active community that sustains the local projects.In 2017 we want to gather at least 15.000 euros that will help the community in a benefic way.

THE FINANCED PROJECTS OF 2016: three projects of the local artists of Cluj were held by the money we raised on the fourth edition of the festival.

MOARA/ The Mill/ Body Bridge is a project that consists in building a wood bridge or a sitting place. It is about a walking bridge over the Canalul Morii, in a green place where everyone can escape from the urban rush. Blajin, the founders of the project, want to bring back again a part of the industrial and human history of Cluj, combining visual arts with sculpture and carpentry. You can find the Mill on Splaiul Independentei Street, at the crossroad with Pandurilor Street, around the Olympic Pool of Cluj.

MĂSCĂRICI brings together 27 graphic illustrators who created a special set of play cards. Every illustrator uses his imagination in creating the elements and outfit for the country they chose. It is a reinterpretation between visual arts and design.

OUR ENVIRONMENT REMIXED reveal the way the sounds of the park can create music, and each one of us can contribute to a project like this one. The idea consists in developing an electronic music platform which can work based only on the sounds recorded in the park. The system is configured in a manner that every visitor can interact and create music of the tree sound, birds and the environment.

The non-mandatory tickets for the festival can be purchased from here

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