• June 25-28,
  • 2020
  • Central Park

Anna Calvi has been revered in the British music industry since she emerged in 2011, a soulful songwriter, virtuosic guitarist and captivating performer. Both her self-titled debut album and the 2013 follow-up One Breath were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, with her debut also receiving a Brit nomination for ‘Best Breakthrough Artist’.

She’s collaborated with Brian Eno, Marianne Faithful and, on the 2014 covers EP Strange Weather, David Byrne. In 2017, she composed the music for The Sandman, an opera directed by Robert Wilson. She also wrote the musical score for the fifth season of the well-known BBC One series, Peaky Blinders. 

Hunter, the third album from Anna Calvi, is the embodiment of the feeling of truly letting go. For the art-rock singer-songwriter it was a catharsis, and an opportunity to be more truthful than she has ever been before. The album was written during a turning point in Calvi’s life: her 8-year relationship had ended and she had moved to Strasbourg to start a new life with a French woman.

The feeling of closing your eyes and letting loose something wild and passionate is one that fuels Hunter. With primal percussion, unleashed guitars and striking lyricism, it’s a visceral album in which Calvi pushes the limits of her guitar and voice beyond anything she’s recorded before. “I always liked the idea of an interplay between my voice and the guitar, and I wanted to take it further, to really express a sense of freedom.” She has long been considered an accomplished guitarist by the music press, but on Hunter she lets go with the instrument, colouring outside the lines on her electrifying solos.