Art Competition

Central Park might just as well be considered a masterpiece in itself and our art competition will emphasize just that. National and international artists will turn it into a canvas where their imagination runs wild, so get ready for some interactive installations that will make you enjoy this wonderful place even more!

Painting gallery

If you’ve ever passed by the mysterious building situated towards the center of the park wondering what’s inside, here’s some good news: at Jazz in the Park, the doors will open and an entire painting gallery will be waiting for you. Just wait and see!


We look forward to creating a place where fantastic worlds will be brought to life through theater performances. Having a rich content addressed to children, teens and adults, this stage will be ruled by magic.

Photo exhibitions

We like to turn Central Park into an open-air museum, so the photo exhibitions couldn’t be left aside. You’ll get to discover new photographers, see some frames that might stick with you for a long time, or find out more about the festival’s history through some of the most representative pictures taken since the beginning.