We know how precious it is to try fun stuff with friends and make incredible memories along the way. Here’s a sneak peek into the non-musical activities we plan on bringing in the park this summer. 


We just want you to explore “the sky is the limit” quote, which is why we’ll have the zipline waiting for you by the lake.


How much fun can you have when you combine huge scramble, bowling alleys, ping pong, jenga, foosball and friends? If you don’t have the answer yet, wait for Jazz in the Park.

dog daycare

If you want to sing along at the main stage but you also want the man’s best friend to enjoy its time at Jazz in the Park, we’ll have your back.

Book corner

We’ll build a corner where you can either read, buy or donate books to someone who might not be as privileged. After all, sharing really is caring.

food garden

Vegetarians, vegans, sweets fans, burger, pizza & pasta lovers, all the foodie lovers in the park, we’ll see you in the park this summer. Can’t wait for you to try some goodie-foodies!