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Organizer: Beyond the Line Production 

Competition: The International Jazz in the Park Competition

Purpose: The Jazz in the Park Competition aims to identify, promote and support young jazz artists.

Artistic fields

The International Jazz in the Park Competition (sections Open Air and Composition) is addressed to all bands that play the style generically called JAZZ (see here the list of all genres accepted in the competition).


– Open Air

– Composition


– Competition registration: January 15 – February 29, 2020

– Preselection result communication: March 5, 2020

– Live performance competition: May 2-3, 2020

– Award ceremony: May 3, 2020


Competition participants must observe the terms and conditions of these Competition Rules (hereinafter referred to as the ”Rules”). The Rules are available free of charge to any interested person on the competition webpage ( Additional information can be requested at the address [email protected].

The organizer reserves the right to amend the Rules, subject to prior notification, at least one (1) business day prior to the effective date of the amendments.


Eligible participants

The International Jazz in the Park Competition (sections Open Air and Composition) is addressed to all bands that play the style generically called JAZZ (see here the list of all genres accepted in the competition).

”Band” means an artistic group consisting of at least two instrumentalists, regardless of the instruments they play.

Age limit: the members of the registered bands must be aged 16-35 at the time of the Jazz in the Park Competition (May 1, 2020). By way of exception, one band member may be older than 35.

Competition registration

The registration for the competition is done on the website continuously, until February 29, 2020.

Required documents for competition registration:

  1. Registration form. Filled out online on the website
  2. Band biography
  3. Video recording (at least 2 minutes) of at least one representative song for the band, performed live. The demo (live video recording of the band) must be uploaded on YouTube and reflect the current members of the band. The actual (technical) quality of the recording is not a criterion for evaluation, however, the participants are encouraged to submit high quality materials, so that the jury’s assessment can be accurate. Also, the circumstances in which the recording was done are not important (live concert, rehearsal room, etc.).


Adding other members after the competition registration is prohibited, unless notified to and approved by the organizers. Changing more than one third of the group members is also prohibited, unless notified to and approved by the organizers. If they enter the finals, the members that will perform on the stage of the International Jazz in the Park Competition on May 2-3, 2020 have to be the same members that were registered and that appear in the video, or those subsequently allowed by the jury. Otherwise, the band will be disqualified.

The finalists will be required to send copies of the Identity Cards of each member of the band, together with a picture of the band in its current structure.

The finalists will have to complete and sign a Letter of Commitment confirming their  participation in the Jazz in the Park Competition from May 2-3, 2020, the availability of all members of the band to participate as presented at the registration, as well as the express acceptance of the conditions of this regulation.

If the Artist fails to appear at the Competition or cancels the participation due to causes attributable to them (except in cases of force majeure, illness or other inability of the Artist certified by a medical staff) to pay the Organizer damages of promotional interest in line with the resulting damages, established at the value of 1,000 euros.

The organizer reserves the right to reject the participation of a certain band due to its incompliance with the participation conditions.

By filling out and submitting the application form, participants agree that their personal data will be processed and stored by Beyond the Line Production Association for the purposes of the International Jazz in the Park Competition, according to the personal data processing policy in these rules.

All competition participants must read and accept the Rules before registering. The failure to comply with the terms and conditions provided in the Rules will lead to downgrading or disqualification. By submitting the registration form, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the Rules.

Participants declare on their own responsibility that they have the right to register artistic projects/bands into the competition and that they are the authors and holders of copyrights over those artistic projects.

For the projects declared winners, the organizers reserve the right to present those projects/artistic works without any financial obligation within the 2020 edition of the Jazz in the Park Competition, in any other type of public presentation, promotional, press or media material, for non-commercial purposes and in relation to the Jazz in the Park project, in its current and future editions.

Selection result announcement

Each candidate will receive a confirmation, rejection or the official invitation to participate in the competition, respectively (where applicable), by March 5, 2020. Following the preselection, the first 14 bands in the ranking will be invited to participate in the finals, in Cluj-Napoca (May 1-3, 2020).


Finals – Live performance – Open Air

Each selected band will perform in an event (live finals) organized during the period May 2-3, 2020 in Cluj-Napoca, on the dedicated stage in Iulius Mall Park. By filling out the registration form, the band confirms the availability of all band members for the entire period of the International Jazz in the Park Competition.

During the live performance, open air competition, the band will hold before the jury and the public a recital of at least 20 minutes and up to 30 minutes. If the band is registered in the competition with its own composition, this detail will be mentioned to the jury prior to performing that particular piece.

The use of any pre-recorded sound material is prohibited. All bands must perform live. Cover songs or reorchestrated versions are allowed.

The organizers reserve the right to change the dates of the events, to cancel or merge performances in case of unfavorable weather conditions or other events preventing the project from taking place. 

Documents required for participating in the competition and Awards payout: 

  • Letter of commitment, signed by the band’s representative, confirming the availability of all the band members during the Jazz in the Park Competition, and express acceptance of the official Rules and Regulations. 
  • Consent form for the processing of personal data (GDPR), completed and signed by each member of the band. 
  • Copies of ID card / passport of each member of the group participating. 
  • Tax residence certificate (for bands whose members do not reside in Romania) for the band’s representative, in case of being declared winners. Since the tax residence certificate by the national tax authorities may take up to 30 days, we recommend that it be applied once confirming participation in the finals of the Jazz in the Park Competition, so payout can be done immediately after the competition. 
  • Award signed reception, completed, signed and assumed by the legal representative of the band (in the case of being declared winners). 
  • Transport expense account and supporting documents, as mentioned in these Rules.


The two sections of the competition are:

  1. Open Air – Music interpretation: the musical qualities, the cohesion, the stage presence of the group are evaluated in general.
  2. Composition: the values and originality of each band’s own compositions are assessed. Improvisations based on a well-known musical theme will not be considered original compositions.

All bands that register in the competition will implicitly participate in the Open Air section, and if they also wish to be part of the composition section, this will be mentioned in the registration form. In the case of the composition section, it is mandatory to mention the piece used to participate in the competition.


The participation in the International Jazz in the Park Competition is not subject to any fee.



If the artist/band is not from Cluj-Napoca, his/her/its transportation from the city of residence to Cluj-Napoca and back will be settled by the competition organizers, within the limit of Lei 450 per band for Romanian bands and Euro 250 per band, for foreign bands, respectively.

For the settlement of the transportation expenses, participants will submit supporting documents from the project development period, such as: transport ticket, fuel receipt, indicating the tax identification code of the organizer (Beyond the Line Production Association, FIC RO31425273), fiscal invoice issued on the name of Beyond the Line Production Association etc..

Invoices having as beneficiary the members of the artistic group, any legal entities, other than Beyond the Line Production Association, fuel receipts that do not indicate the FIC of Beyond the Line Production Association or have an incorrect FIC, any other documents incompliant with the legal provisions in force are not accepted for settlement.

The participants will fill out and submit the settlement form for transportation expenses by May 15, 2020. The settlement form will be accompanied by supporting documents in original copy. The settlement form will be submitted via e-mail at the address [email protected], and by mail, to Beyond the Line Production Association, str. Al. Vlahuță, bl. LAMA A, ap. 25, Cluj Napoca, or handed over to the organizers during the last day of the competition.

Accommodation and meals

During the participation in the competition, the organizers provide, free of charge, to band members that are not from Cluj-Napoca, hotel accommodation for two nights, to be selected by each band, including the day of the competition.

Contestants may opt for hotel accommodation. In this case, the organizers will pay the equivalent of Lei 55/night/person from the total related accommodation costs, within the limit of 2 days/band. The settlement of the accommodation expenses will be performed based on supporting documents issued on the name of Beyond the Line Production Association, accompanied by the accommodation chart signed by the band members and the representatives of the accommodation facility.

During their stay in Cluj-Napoca, participants will be provided with the main meals, according to their arrival/departure.

All band members with residence in Cluj-Napoca will receive a meal voucher on the day of the concert.


Sound checks will be held on the same day as the competition, in the same location, each band having up to 15 minutes before the commencement of the competition. Each band is entitled to bring its own sound engineer, subject to this being mentioned in the technical rider sent to the organizers prior to the event. All these details will be notified at least 14 days prior to the date when each band will compete.

The organizer will provide a high quality sound and light system, to be used free of charge by all bands, and will provide all drums, guitar, bass and keyboards amplifiers, microphones, monitors and backline equipment, as well as all sound and lighting engineers, including the auxiliary staff.

The Iulius Park stage dimensions are: 8x6x8 meters.

Band members will be allowed to use any personal instrument, such as guitar, bass, keyboards, any effect pedals, etc. Drummers may bring their own snare drum, bass drum pedal, drumsticks or cymbals. Bands must submit at least 14 days prior to the competition finals the technical rider, communicating if they have special requirements, aside from those presented in these Rules.

All bands must use the same backline and the drums provided by the organizers. Keyboards and any other special equipment – other than personal equipment, such as guitars – will be placed on stage prior to the commencement of the concerts and will remain there until the end. To minimize the band changing time, bands with a left-handed drummer will perform either in the beginning or the end of the show. All bands must strictly observe the instructions provided by the organizers and the appointed stage manager.


The competition entrance order will be determined by the organizers and announced at least 7 days prior to the day of the competition. The order of the concerts held by the 14 finalist bands will be determined by drawing lots. The announced order may only be amended by the organizer, in case of Force Majeure.


The jury of the preselection and finals acts according to the Competition Rules, observing the spirit of the Bylaws of the World Federation of International Music Competitions.

The preselection of the bands qualified in the finals will be performed by the organizers, represented by: Alin Vaida, manager of Jazz in the Park and Artistic Director, and Horea Marc, stage manager of the Jazz in the Park Festival.

The jury that will participate in the finals from May 1-3, 2020 is yet to be announced.

Preselection criteria: the quality and originality of the performance.

The judgment criteria in the final stage, according to which the winners will be determined, are:

– Performance quality

– Group cohesion

– Originality

– Stage presence


The judging of each band will be performed based on the aforementioned criteria. For each criterion, judges will mark from 1 to 10. The scores will be centralized from all judges and a ranking will be compiled. In case of a score tie, the jury president’s decision will prevail.

The jury decides the winners for each competition section.

The decisions of the jury are final.

Throughout the participation in the competition, candidates will not be allowed to contact the members of the jury.


The jury decides, based on the criteria provided under point IX. the prizes to be granted for each section of the competition. 

The jury reserves the right not to grant one or several prizes, as well as to grant special prizes, other than the ones indicated in these rules. 

The prizes granted for each competition section are indivisible. No derogation from this rule is provided. 

(Net) Prize value 

1) Open Air section: 

– 1st place: 2,000 euro net, at the BNR exchange rate on the payment date, and the invitation to hold a concert at Jazz in the Park Festival, which takes place on June 25 – 28, 2020 (net fee of 500 euro+travel expenses) 

– 2nd place: 1,000 euro net, at the BNR exchange rate on the payment date, and the invitation to hold a concert at Jazz in the Park Festival, which takes place on June 25 – 28, 2020 (net fee of 500 euro+travel expenses) 

– 3nd place: 500 euro net, at the BNR exchange rate on the payment date,  and the invitation to hold a oncert at Jazz in the Park Festival, which takes place on  June 25 – 28, 2020 (net fee 500 euro+travel costs) 

2) Composition section: Award for the most valuable composition: 200 euro net. 

3) Special mentions: Three special mentions offered for best musicians – 200 euro net 


– Prizes may be cumulated. 

– After announcing the winners, all procedures will be completed by May 15, 2020. 

– The total value of the prizes is 4,300 euros net, after deduction of tax by 10% of the taxable amount, as required by the current law and conventions for the avoidance of double taxation concluded between Romania and the countries of residence of the artists participants / winners (according to the legislation in force on the publication date of the Rules – 15.01.2020). 

– During the organization of the competition, special prizes may be added, representing products and services provided by sponsors. 

– If bands come from abroad, payouts will be made only upon presentation of a certificate of tax residence in the country of origin, as required by law on the publication date of the Rules – 15.01.2020. Since the release of this certificate may take up to 30 days, we encourage bands to request tax residence certificate right after receiving confirmation of participation in the competition.


The organizers of the International Jazz in the Park Competition reserve the right to broadcast on TV and radio, photograph, film and record on audio-video media all event performances. Audio recordings may be subject to the recording of audio media to be used during the following editions of the project.


Beyond the Line Production Association, through the project The International Jazz in the Park Competition and the competition registration form, processes your personal data, in relation to your surname, first name, PIN, date and place of birth, series and number of your identity card, email address, phone number, social media profile/website, photo/video recordings, as well as any other data included in the registration form through automated/manual means for registration into the project The International Jazz in the Park Competition.

You are obligated to provide the aforementioned data, as they are necessary for the registration of bands into the competition, the granting of prizes, the conclusion of copyright agreements, the drafting of participation lists and others, promoting the events and activities within the project The International Jazz in the Park Competition.

Your refusal will prevent you to register for the project The International Jazz in the Park Competition.

The recorded information is intended to be used by the controller and is communicated only to the following recipients: local public authorities, OH&S and PH&S service providers, the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and other public authorities, the partners of the organizer, having signed confidentiality agreements, and only if the data transmission is necessary for performing the activity. Your data will not be transferred to other states.

According to Law no. 677/2001, you benefit from the right to access, the right to intervene on the data and the right not to be subject to an individual decision. Also, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data related to you and to request the erasure of data*. In order to exercise these rights, you may submit a dated and signed written request to [email protected] Also, your right to turn to the justice system is acknowledged.


The competition may be ended early only if a Force Majeure event occurs, including if the organizer is prevented from continuing the competition, due to reasons beyond its control.

In such cases, the organizer shall not be bound by any liability undertaken towards the competition participants or by any compensation payment or other such obligations.


Any potential disputes arising between the organizer, on the one hand, and the competition participants, on the other hand, will be settled amicably or, if not possible, the disputes will be settled by the court of competent jurisdiction, according to the common law. The governing law is Romanian.


For more clarifications or details, please contact us at [email protected].