The first Art in the Park edition was great! Four different artists and art groups gave their best to explore the beauty and playfulness of Central Park, thus encouraging the passersby to do the same. Kudos!



Remember that time when you were just getting to know the world around and its magic?  The discoverer in you found many ways to play, and paper planes were certainly among your interests. 

Silviu Ciora’s installation wants to bring that inner child back to life, reminding us how important it is to stay curious. Easy to locate and quite nostalgic in essence, the paper plane alley works like a generational bridge that unites both the people who’ve already sent their wishes in the air a while ago, and those who are now starting to work their flying techniques.  



This work is an interactive sculpture that reflects on the notion of the game, and creates a distorting effect of reality. A fluorescent elastic tetrahedron breathes driven by a swing movement, which creates interesting perspective distortions: when the swing is set back the tetrahedron becomes smaller while in front of the tetrahedron it becomes larger.

This work reflects on the concept of virtual imagination, brought into reality, and allows several people to participate simultaneously in a unique experience.



The GIANT STEPS is an open invitation to discover Jazz in the Park by moving, looking and settling at other heights. The installation not only marks a place of passage, but also receives a new role as a meeting place and landmark.

The object-community relationship becomes even stronger because the people themselves are the ones who decorate the gate and animate the installation by exploring it on and through the structure. Its dimensions and purposes highlight, once again, that Jazz in the Park is about friends, about going beyond the limits and seeing the world from a new perspective.



LUCY IN THE PARK WITH DIAMONDS invites people to play and explore the surroundings in a more personal way, by transiting the four sections of the installation: the screen, the sound, the forest, the 007. 

Each of these sections focus on a sensorial experience. While the screen lets you play with shadowsn at night, the 007 area challenges your balance, the forest gets you to pass through a touchy labirynth and the sound invites you to create your own natural soundtrack. This interactive trip brings the playful you into the spotlight, regardless of your age.