Activities and Experiences

Chilling Out

Buhuhoo and Baloo Bags bring hammocks and comfortable seats, bean bags and blankets. Word of the day: relaxation!

  • Beanbags
  • Hammocks
  • Relax

Casino Music Bazaar

We open the Casino for musical instruments exhibition, presentation fair, area of experiences, Gift Shop, Lounge, Vinyl Shop

Where: Casino, Central Park

When: From Thursday 28th until Sunday July 1st

Supported by Tastemakers.


    Students from Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca are present an exhibition of sculptures and paintings in the central area of UAD from Central Park.

    • painting exhibition
    • sculpture exhibition


      You can see and test bicycles or even personalize your own bike with Reborn Bicycles, Pegas will bring the best models for you and if you like electric bikes Bosch will wait for you. Everything in Central Park because there is always a place for bikes at Jazz in the Park. This year we are continuing the tradition. Pegas will come with bicycles that you can test and if you like one you can buy it and take it home. Feel free to test electrical bikes brought for you by Bosch. And if you have an old bike and you want to recondition it, Reborn Bicycles will take the challenge and will make an extraordinary transformation. If you want just to personalize it, they will make-up your bicycles to be unique.

      • Bicycles recondition
      • Electrical bikes
      • Pegas bikes


      Come down with us! If you want to have an upper view of the park and give yourself an adrenaline boost we are waiting for you here. Outdoor4U is coming with the zip-line, archery, climbing wall, volleyball court. In the Central Park, from Thursday 28th until Sunday July 1st.

      • Adrenaline
      • Zip-line


        Adults are playing too, so Jazz in the Park has a special zone and E.ON Business Center arranged it. You can play board games, Măscărici card game and oversize games such as Avioane and Jenga. Măscărici is a contemporary remake after a communist games in which you have 26 cards and one Măscărici. 27 graphic designers chose traditional costume from each region of this world and designed it in a uniquely and original way. The game is not just for those who remember their childhood and their memories, but also for those who are in love with arts and different culture’s traditions and like to play society games.

        • avioane
        • board games
        • interactive games
        • măscărici

          Kids Fun

          Kids can enjoy Jazz in the Park as much as their parents. If you’re a little jazzist you will like this place because it’s full of fun.  

          ARTbecedar – workshops for children

          Concerts for kids

          VR corner

          Kids have their own stage at Jazz in the Park. Concerts and music workshop for kids who want to play an instrument, try to be part of a jam session, karaoke, face painting

          Where: Central Park, Riverside

          When: on Saturdays and Sundays (23, 24, 30 June and 1st of July)

          In collaboration with Something New, Petit Bebe, Fabrica de Pensule and “Artschool” Kindergarten

          Co-financed by AFCN.

          • Adventure zone
          • Creative play
          • interactive games
          • sensory play
          • Slides
          • Swings

            Reading Corner

            You can listen music, relax all day, read your favourite books. Cărturești is coming at Jazz in the Park with a relaxing zone with books where you will find a mini-library.

            Reading, relaxing zone

            Silence oasis

            Where: Central Park

            When: From Thursday 28th until Sunday July 1st

            • Book release
            • book stand
            • Poetry lecture
            • Relax


              Jivipen (which means life in romani language) is a project made by Centrul Cultural Clujean in collaboration with roma associations from Cluj-Napoca.

              Planned to be applied in 2018-2021, the project is focused on everyday racism, is trying to take responsibilities on roma communities and will organize meeting places. There will be also international camps for children, theatre and visual art activities, ethnographic exhibitions advocacy activities that want to combat segregational attitude in Romania and in Europe.

              In 2017 Jazz in the Park is the partner for the pilot project called Jivipen. We stand together in a place, not just Romanian, Roma and Hungarian, but also other minorities and talk about life, with cookies, tea, games and music.

              • Ethnographic exhibitions
              • Meeting place
              • Theatre and visual art


              A mini open air wine cellar  will be found in wine zone and a lounge where you can enjoy special wines from different grape species.

              • relaxing
              • special wines

                Food Garden

                Great music needs great food and Street Food Festival will come at Jazz in the Park with a lot of delicacies. There will be food and drinks brought by Mr Cannoli, Camionetta, For Go, Cimbru, Arome, La nu știu cine, Home Garden, Meat Busters, Food Squad, Kooltos, Znob Pizza, The Little Greenery, Marty, Shanghai, Eat it, BrillMobil, Frittenmobil, Bao Van, Cod Father, Bianco Milano, Donuterie, Marty cheesecake, Mint Bistro.


                • Delicacies
                • Great food
                • Special drinks
                Primăria și Consiliul Local Cluj-Napoca
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