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Buy the bracelet, support the local projects, get involved!

Jazz in the Park is the only festival in Romania that grants non-mandatory tickets. The access to every in-the-park concert is free and the non-mandatory ticket is the way in which you can get involved and support creativity.

Depending on the sum you choose to donate, you will get a bracelet, available in three colours:

  • The Blue Bracelet – 10 lei – the Supporter’s Bracelet
  • The Yellow Bracelet – 30 lei – Jazz Fan’s Bracelet
  • The Red Bracelet – 100 lei – the Super Jazz Fan’s Bracelet.

The money we raise will be used to finance interesting and creative projects that in our opinion deserve the opportunity to be turned into reality. The artists that created all of these projects deserve to be encouraged and we will try our best to support them with your help.

How do I get the bracelet?

  • Buy a non-mandatory ticket online from here, Eventim or BiletMaster, select the sum you are willing to offer. You can get the bracelet at anytime in exchange of this ticket.
  • Tell the others about the fund – either online or offline – use the hashtags #IBoughtTheBracelet #JazzintheParkFund (maybe add a picture of your bracelet) to let the others know they can support local artists

Let us tell you a little bit about the projects you can choose to donate money for.

Fata Știmei Apelor is a graphic novel that explores the conflict between the technological progress and nature. This novel is full of adventure, dynamism and fantastic elements, where you can also find some east-european fairy tale heroes.

By: Maria Surducan and Benczedi Anna Julia.

deCluj is a surprising collection of layout drawings that invites us to discover the architecture of Cluj by building monuments out of easy-to-assemble paper forms, regardless of age or experience. It is a different kind of an urban guide that helps to painting a contemporary picture of the cultural patrimony of Cluj.

By Klara Veer and Dan Burzo.

An Almost Political Diary is an artist book by Lucia Mărneanu, a mashßup between a political caartoon and a graphic journal, inspired by the notes she left on the margins of her notebooks. Lucia talks about the informational overload that we have to confront daily through fast-forward analysis, while noting possible conclusions to subjects such as the absurd, locating and dislocating, meaning and the lack of it, informational chaos and the end of history.

By: Lucia Mărneanu and Oana Hodade.

Generique Interactiv revolves around the production of a jazz-and-electronic-music-inspired  concecrt in a space that is not only a stage, but an interactive sound installation zone.

By: Joszef Iszlai and Ors Albert-Nagy.

Illustrated Facts about Transylvania is an illustrations book about Transylvania, a guide for the modern tourist. The illustrations are based on the many interesting facts regarding this part of Romania – it is a good mix between historical and cultural heritage and the authentic transylvanian lifestyle, full of myths, superstitions and humour.

By: Stela Caraman.

Fotopia Collective is a series of events dedicated to documentary style photography that is to reunite in Cluj-Napoca some of the most important documentary photographers in and outside Romania with many exhibitions, debates, workshops and special events.

By: Călin Ilea.

If all these sound interesting to you, we will just let you know that you can actually meet the creators during the festival to find out more about the projects directly from them. 


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