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Call for ART PROJECTS – JAZZ IN THE PARK Community FUND – Rules and Regulations

Call for Art Projects – JAZZ IN THE PARK FUND 2018 – Rules & Regulations



8.1.         Competition registration

8.2.         Project preselection

8.3.         Selection criteria

8.4.         Project judging

8.5.         Determining winning projects


10.1.      Payment related provisions

10.2.      Interim and final reports

10.3.      Eligible expenses



  1.      ORGANIZERS

Founded in Cluj, in 2012, Fapte organizes cultural events, with impact in the community. We believe that people and cities can become what they wish to be and we believe in the capacity of culture and events to contribute to this goal.

At Fapte, we have undertaken a triple mission: to promote high quality contemporary music and photography, increasing their nationwide audience, to imagine, experiment with and give new uses to the public space and to develop, in the communities where we operate, the social behavior of giving.


Jazz in the Park is one of the main cultural festivals in Romania. Our goal is to generate a positive cultural and social impact at the level of the local community, using the capacity of a major cultural event to engage and draw the attention of a large audience.

The festival has free entrance, because we wish to allow all those who are interested in good music to enjoy it. Since the entrance is free, we thought about encouraging participants to get involved in the community and contribute. This is how the Jazz in the Park Fund appeared. The Festival is the environment where people gather, and the Fund is a way for them to get involved.

The money we raise from non-mandatory tickets goes to the Jazz in the Park Fund which, in 2015 and 2016,

has supported art projects, and in 2017, social and art projects. In 2015, we raised EUR 10,000, in 2016, we raised, only from non-mandatory tickets, EUR 15,000, and in 2017 – EUR 13,500. The Jazz in the Park Fund is the way in which a free entrance festival has turned people into an active community, a community with members who get involved and support arts.



In 2018, the Jazz in the Park Fund aims to support artists and the experimental art projects they develop. The Jazz in the Park Fund supports projects which provide new art perspectives, combine various art fields or propose experimental approaches of traditional arts.

The proposed projects can reach fields such as:

  • visual arts (painting, sculpture, graphic design, decorative arts, photography, video-art, ceramic, installations, animation, collage, film, architecture, design, concept art, etc.);
  • literature;
  • performance arts (music, theater, dance);
  • other art fields (new media, culinary art, multidisciplinary arts, etc.).


We encourage multidisciplinary teams capable of generating complex projects, combining art manifestation forms in unusual ways.

The Jazz in the Park Fund aims to fund artists who prove excellence in their activity, who prove a long-term commitment towards their career in arts and the local art community and who wish to develop an experimental art project.

The Jazz in the Park Fund provides financial, organizational and communication support for the development of art projects with the duration of up to one year, ending with a new art product, whether it is an art exhibition, a show, a music album or any other similar result.



In order to be considered eligible, the project must fulfill the following requirements:

  • to be proposed by an individual or initiative group active in Romania or abroad and capable of implementing the project in Cluj;
  • To register in the competition by using the application form, filled out by 8 April (including this date) – HERE;
  • to be compliant with the competition theme: experimental art projects;
  • to result in the release of a new art product;
  • to provide at least one public release event in Cluj;
  • for the results to be fitted for exhibition/exposure in the art area of Jazz in the Park, Edition 2019.


Which projects CANNOT be funded:

  •                  Projects incompliant with the objectives and activities of this competition;
  •                  Projects which are not drafted based on the competition’s template form;
  •                 Loans, retroactive expenses of ended projects or projects in progress;
  •                 Political projects;
  •                 Religious projects;
  •                 Projects which instigate to xenophobia, racism, violence, hatred;
  •                 Projects with a discriminatory message towards certain social/ethnic groups.



The amount available for the year 2018 within the Jazz in the Park Fund is RON 75,000. The granted funding amounts can be between RON 8,000 and RON 25,000. At least 3 projects will be funded from the Jazz in the Park Fund.

Fapte Association reserves the right to change the maximum available amount, and the number of funded projects, according to the outcome of the fundraising campaign conducted during the period March – July 2018 as part of the Jazz in the Park Fund.


The projects must be conducted during a maximum 10 month period (August 2018 – May 2019).

Projects may be initiated at the earliest on 1 August 2018 and have to be completed at the latest on 1 June 2019.

Projects have to provide at least one public release event, during the project implementation, other than the presentation of the art project within the 2018 edition of the Jazz in the Park Festival.

  •       28 February:                             Launching of the Jazz in the Park Fund
  •       March – April:                           Meetings for promoting the Jazz in the Park Fund
  •       8 April:                                      Project submission deadline
  •       9 – 23 April:                              Project selection
  •       25 April:                                    Announcement of selected projects
  •       25 April – 3 July:                       Fundraising campaign
  •       8 July – 31 July:                        Signing of funding agreements
  •       August 2018 – July 2019:          Implementing and monitoring
  •       December 2018 – April 2019:   Interim reports and request for advance payment II
  •       May 2018 – August 2019:          Final report and settlement



8.1.                        Competition registration

Project proposals will be submitted through the standard Jazz in the Park Fund form, which can be accessed HERE.

Funding applications will be filed in one copy, in electronic format, on the Jazz in the Park Fund website.

An applicant can submit up to two funding applications within the Jazz in the Park Fund.

The deadline for receiving the applications is 8 April 2018, 23.59.


8.2.                       Project selection

Project selection involves checking the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria, by the applicants and the projects submitted by them, listed under item 4.

Project proposals which are incompliant with one or several of the criteria listed under item 4 Participation criteria will be excluded from the competition.

The organizers of the Jazz in the Park Fund reserve the right to request additional clarifications from applicants, in order to determine their eligibility and/or the eligibility of the projects submitted by them.


8.3.                        Selection criteria

For the final selection of the projects registered in the competition, the following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Feasibility: the project can be implemented with the available resources, during the period proposed by the project team.
  • Relevance: the project is relevant for the competition theme.
  • Artistic quality: the project shows quality and clarity in the proposed artistic vision.
  • Innovation: the project proposes new/experimental artistic approaches.
  • Promotion: the project proposes proper means of promotion and public presentation events related to the art product.


8.4.                        Project judging

Each funding application will be assessed according to the evaluation criteria, by the jury of the Jazz in the Park Fund.

The jury of the Jazz in the Park Fund has 3-5 members, collaborators and partners of the Jazz in the Park Fund. The members of the jury will be announced on the Jazz in the Park Fund website at the latest on 1 April 2018.

The members of the jury reserve the right to select the projects they consider the most adequate for the vision of Jazz in the Park and Jazz in the Park Fund. The project selection committee’s decision cannot be appealed. The project selection committee’s decision not to grant funding to certain project ideas is final.

Unsuccessful project submitters may request evaluation charts and feedback from the members of the jury, within 10 days from the publication of the results, by sending a written request to the e-mail address

Following the evaluation, the jury will select finalist and backup projects for the Jazz in the Park Fund.

Finalist projects will be funded within the available amount, and the projects on the backup list will be funded if the fundraising goal is exceeded.

The projects that will receive funding will be announced on 25 April 2018, during the launching of the fundraising campaign for the year 2018.


8.5.                        Determining winning projects

At least 3 projects will receive funding, in total amount of RON 75,000. Both the number of the funded projects, and the value of the funding may vary depending on the proposed project budgets and the amount assigned within the Jazz in the Park Fund 2018 campaign.


Winner projects will sign a funding agreement, according to the template provided by the organizers.

The funding will be paid in two installments, according to the terms of the funding agreement, through bank transfer, in RON, based on the invoice issued by the beneficiary (for legal entities).

The maximum gross amount to be granted to one project is RON 25,000; the organizers will withhold all taxes and contributions depending on the type of the beneficiary, according to the legislation in force at the agreement signing date.


10.1.                    Payment related provisions

An advance payment in the amount of 30% of the value of the approved amount will be paid after the signing of the funding agreement. During the development of the project, beneficiaries may request an interim advance payment of up to 50% of the value of the approved amount. The granting of the interim advance payment is subject to the prior settlement of at least 90% of the expenses related to the advance payment granted upon the signing of the agreement and the submission of an interim progress report.

The last funding installment will be settled upon the submission of the final report and cannot be under 20% of the value of the approved amount.

10.2.                    Interim and final reports

Beneficiaries will submit an interim progress report (narrative and financial) within 6 months from the signing of the agreement.

The final report will be submitted within 30 days from the completion of the project, according to the funding agreement.

Interim and final progress reports will contain at least the following information:

–          Activity implementation status and potential amendments which have occurred in the initial activity calendar.

–          Project amendments, if applicable.

–   Information regarding the public release event and/or other events/exhibitions attended by the beneficiaries during the project development period.

–          The project’s financial status (list of incurred expenses and copies of the supporting documents).

Interim and final progress reports will be drawn up according to the template provided by the organizers and will be submitted in electronic format at the address


10.3.                    Eligible expenses

The following categories of expenses will be considered eligible:

–          Specific project implementation expenses (material purchases, registration expenses, expenses related to the actual execution of the artistic product).

–          National and international travel expenses (for research/documentation and/or the presentation of the artistic work) – up to 25% of the granted funding.

–          Marking and promotion expenses related to the project (including the launching event) – at least 10% of the requested funding.

–          Administrative expenses (lease of office/studio and related expenses, office supplies, stationery, taxes, etc.) up to 10% of the granted funding.

–          Other project specific expenses – up to 5% of the requested funding.


In order to be considered eligible, project related expenses must be:

–          Incurred during the project implementation period.

–          Accompanied by supporting documents issued on the beneficiary’s name (invoices, receipts, bills, travel tickets, agreements, etc.).

–          Compliant with the project budget.

–          Required by the development of the project.

–          Drawn up according to the applicable fiscal legislation.



Participants declare on their own responsibility that they are entitled to register the projects/art works into the competition and that they are the authors and the owners of the copyrights for such projects/art works.

For projects declared winners, organizers reserve the right to present such projects/art works without any financial liabilities, within the 2018 edition of the Jazz in the Park Festival, in any other type of public presentation, promotional, press or media materials, for non-commercial purposes and in relation to the Jazz in the Park Fund.



Winners undertake to observe the proposed calendar and to take full responsibility for the potential damages that their project could cause to final consumers, authorities or third parties of any kind. Beneficiaries will observe the legislation in force, and Fapte Association cannot be held liable for potential damages caused to third parties by the beneficiary organizations, during the development of the funded projects, or for the Jazz in the Park Fund beneficiaries’ failure to comply with the applicable legislation.

The Jazz in the Park Fund beneficiaries undertake to submit a narrative and financial evaluation report, according to the form provided by the organizers, within 30 days from the completion of the project.

Winners will assign to Fapte Association the right to present their projects and activities within any type of public presentation, promotional, press or media materials, for non-commercial purposes.



As organizer, Fapte Association, and the jury of the Jazz in the Park Fund will settle any situations which are not provided in these regulations.

Potential litigations arising between the organizers, the jury and the Jazz in the Park Fund participants/beneficiaries will be settled amicably between the parties.

If the parties fail to reach an amicable settlement, litigations will be settled by the courts of law of competent jurisdiction from the organizer’s registered office.

The registration of a project into the competition involves the unqualified acceptance of these terms and conditions.


For more information, please contact us at the phone number 0371 186 439 or the e-mail address:

Cluj-Napoca, 23 February 2018


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