Call For Art Projects – Registration Form

Apply Now for Art projects Call, an initiative supported by the Jazz in the Park Community Fund

The application submission deadline is 8 April 2018. Almost all fields are mandatory.
Please select one of the three options
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Artistic alias [only if you wish to have this name used in the public communication about the work]

Short description of similar projects, developed individually or with the project team

Between 8,000 and 25,000 LEI
This brief description will also be used for publicly promoting the project on the communication channels of the Jazz in the Park Fund. Up to 100 words
Please provide details about the concept and topic of the proposed work and its relevance for the theme of the Jazz in the Park Fund 2018. Please indicate the project’s innovation elements.
Please provide information about the art field(s) targeted by the project. Please indicate the type of the art work, the presentation method etc.
Please provide information about the audience you are targeting through the art work/project, the identification and selection methods of the audience and any other relevant information
Please indicate the purpose and objectives of the proposed project.
What are the activities proposed within the project? Which events would you like to attend with the proposed work, throughout the year?]
Please provide details about the public event for the presentation of the work which, according to the funding regulations, must take place within 10 months from the signing of the agreement
3.9. Project calendar:

Please provide any other information you consider relevant for the project
Please provide information regarding the means and methods for promoting the project: communication campaigns, target audience etc.]

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The application submission deadline is 8 April 2018.