• May 1-3, 2020 
  • Iulius Parc 
  • Cluj-Napoca 

Clear melodies in an urban environment, a.k.a. songs unleashed. How can contemporary music unfold from the experimental energy that shinterz. brings to life?

The trio has been setting free their emotionally radical songs since 2016 in an extraordinary way, thus becoming a unique player of the music scene. All three members are respected performers of contemporary Hungarian music and they have appeared on stage at international events with other groups and bands from Japan to Germany, from the Netherlands to Grand Britain.

The improvisational-instrumental music of the band merges many genres, including classical music, experimental, ambient and indie, breaking away from stylistic traditions and limitations. Their process of composing music is greatly influenced by experimenting: the freedom of free jazz is combined with electronic sounds. Their art revolves around the complexity of human emotions.

Their repertoire is made up of their own songs as well as covers and improvisations. The band released their unique cover of Crosses by José Gonzales two years ago – this was their first release. Bence Bécsy often represents the band all by himself during one-of-a-kind concerts – just as he did in the video for their song Dyke. Their first single is expected to be released in the autumn of 2020, the first song (Over the Village) of which debuted in January.

Bence Bécsy – guitar, electronics
András Csizmás – bass, electronics
Dániel Ferenc Szabó – drums
Eszter Gabriella Terényi – manager