• May 1-3, 2020 
  • Iulius Parc 
  • Cluj-Napoca 

Three musicians who, after their studies in jazz music, and their musical wanderings in various cities abroad, returned at their hometown with their luggage full of a great variety of sounds, experiences and knowledge, in order to confront and have a fertile, energetic conversation with its particular sounds and memories coming out from its very long, rich, multicultural history.

The key element for forming the Trio was the work of the well-known Greek musician and composer Yannis Konstantinidis, in particular his arrangement to familiar melodies and rhythms of Greek traditional music. His intention was to save the unregistered Greek traditional musical material through the synthesis process. Yako Trio, named so after the initial letters of Yannis Konstantinidis, was formed in order to edit Konstantinidis’ music and introduce it again to the audience through their own musical sounds and experiences.

Their objective is to create a new dynamic, imaginative approach to well-known Greek traditional songs, merging traditional idioms, classical harmonies and contemporary jazz music elements, incorporating jazz improvisations. This is their way to revive authentic traditional music, and also present their own original compositions in the general context of the jazz sound, forming their musical identity, always aiming at an outward-looking tone through interaction with musicians from different cultures and various music styles.

Leandros Pasias – piano
George Klountzos – Chrisidis – drums
Vangelis Vrachnos – double bass