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Day 11: Last Day of Jazz in the Park 2018

It’s the final day of this year’s edition of Jazz in the Park, the greatest jazz-shaped heart festival in Romania. First of all, we need to thank you for not running away from the rain and dancing with us, regardless the weather. It might’ve been your awesome energy, our hope or just a bit of luck, but the heavy showers stopped just in time for us to enjoy a weekend in the park. So, we invite you to one last day with music. Come in great number and let us get the park crowded and enjoy the concerts for today.

Fanfare Ciocârlia, Bill Laurence and Forq are today’s must-see shows.

You already know this, but we’re just gonna mention this again – the festival day in the park begins at 12 p.m. and we’ve got all sorts of activities for all tastes and ages: we’ve got the sports area (volleyball, wall climbing, archery and ziplining), workshops and concerts for the kiddos (and for the grown-ups as well), jam sessions and karaoke, VR Experience and poetry readings. You can find more about these here.

The concerts start at 3 p.m. and we’ll have yet again four stages: Main, Alternative, VRTW and Romania 100. Dubase is the first artist that we’ll listen to today, at the VRTW stage starting 3 p.m., so that starting 8 p.m. Iorga will bring his eclectic mix from Obor Market right on this Jazz in the Park stage. At 9 p.m. the multivalent artist and musician Alt Om will be the last one to take on the VRTW stage.

On the Main Stage we’ll be listening to the rescheduled concert of Bigg Dimm A’Band and to Luiza Zan Trio afterwards, one of the most prominent voices in Romanian Jazz. Starting 9 p.m., the great pianist, composer and producer, winner of the Grammy Award Bill Laurance will step on stage next to his quartet.

Exuberant, dynamic and with an authentic Balkan vivacity, Fanfare Ciocârlia will be closing the Main Stage concerts series for this year’s edition. The band won its international notoriety thanks to the amazing atmosphere they manage to create on their every show. We’re talking about top musicians that are just skilled enough for the good-time-mood to rise above the complexity of what they are playing. It’s all about the feeling and we’re sure we WILL be dancing until we drop.

On the Alternative Stage, the fun begins at 6 p.m. with an Exit Oz concert – band from Timișoara, Romania, that patented the swamp jazz style. Starting 8 p.m.we will be listening to the project of the multi-instrumentist, composer and producer Andrea Benini, MOP MOP & Wayne Show, that started off with jazz and then explored a more exotic area, funk and afrobeat.

At 9 p.m. we will be listening to the New Yorkers from Forq, who are to surprise you with a modern and aggressive sound that works out so well mainly because these four are such skillful instrumentalists.

The last concert on the Romania 100 Stage will feature the freshest name on this stage’s line-up: JazzyBIT, who we’ve already met during this edition, but whose concerts we do enjoy listening to with any opportunity. This time, we’ll be witnessing a concept-concert tailored to the occasion, the Great Union of 1918. We are celebrating the 100th birthday of our beloved country.

If you are in need for a plus of energy, there’s a few coffee stands waiting for you around the park, and at the Food Garden, you’ll be finding a wide range of foods and sweets for any taste. In other news, we’ve got beer, cocktails, shots, pretty much everything we need to keep those spirits high.

In this last day, let us do our best so that everyone at the festival has a supporter’s bracelet! There’s no better way to make sure our lovely Cluj-Napoca will have a good cultural future than to support and encourage our local creators and art-heroes. We’re just gonna let you know that if you buy a non-mandatory ticket, you will be getting a supporter’s bracelet and a postcard that Jazz in the Park will be sending to a friend far away.

We thank YOU for choosing good music. See you in the Park!

You can find the complete program here.

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