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Day 2/11 @ Jazz in the Park 2018 Concerts @ The Art Museum and in /Form Space

The sold-out Juan de Marcos Afro Cuban All Stars concert started off the Jazz in the Park festival with high spirits, multicultural energy and just pure joy.

Starting today, Friday the 22nd of June, until Sunday the 24th of June, the festival will take place in two separate locations: on the shore of the Someș River – from 18:30 – to 23:30 (except today, the 22nd of June, as the concerts at the River Stage will be relocated in /Form Space, due to unpleasant weather) – and in the inner courtyard of the Art Museum – opening with the concert of the londoner rising star Alfa Mist, today at 20:00.

Today’s International Jazz in the Park Competition concerts will take place in /Form Space to keep us away from the forecasted heavy rains. In consequence, today we will listen to Ineffable, Rubie Trio, The B-Groove, The Roots and Dalma in /Form, and the concert of our special guest Bigg Dimm’A Band will be rescheduled for another day when we’ll be able to enjoy their music on good weather.

Flutes, pianos, bass guitars, drums, saxophones, trumpets are some of the instruments we will hear in /Form Space. The concerts are free-access and those who want to support the Jazz in the Park Fund can buy non-mandatory tickets and will receive a jazz supporter bracelet.

Tonight’s must-see concert is that of the londoner pianist Alfa Mist, which will take place at the Art Museum – a concert that we will enjoy in a national premiere. His music surprises us with a balanced mix between jazz and hip-hop. He discovered jazz in his college days, mesmerized by the trumpetist and musical visionary Miles Davis and also by the atmosphere of german composer Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks.

Alfa Mist will fearlessly open all of the drawers of our feelings and perceptions, as his goal is to take us on an introspective journey led by music, daring us to get to know ourselves better on a greater level.

His most recent album – Antiphon – is also his most personal one, marking a new musical stage, a more courageous take on jazz and it might just be an opportunity for us to form an idea about the way contemporary jazz will sound in the future. Alfa Mist will play for the first time in Romania today, the 22nd of June, at the Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca. The concert starts at 20:00 and the access will be granted by tickets or passes, which you can buy from here.

We’ll meet you on the second day of the festival at /Form Space and at the Art Museum.

You can find the complete timetable of the festival here.

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