Jazz in the Park Fund

A Jazz in the Park initiative

The Jazz in the Park Fund is the method which allows festival participants to get involved in the community. Every year, we select a cause we believe in and we support it, so that we can generate a positive change around us. The concerts held in the Central Park, at the Somes River Bank and at Pata Rât are free entrance concerts, and anyone can help the cause, by purchasing one or several non-mandatory tickets to Jazz in the Park.

Well, as the years went by, we wanted to do more for the community, to be more than a context for discovering good music and spending time together, maybe even leave something behind. This is how the Jazz in the Park Fund was born.

This year, non-mandatory tickets are available in three colors: with red bracelets, yellow bracelets and blue bracelets. Each bracelet also has a minimum amount that you can give to the Fund: blue – Lei 10 (supporter), yellow – Lei 30 (Jazz Fan), red – Lei 100 (Super Jazz Fan). We will use the raised amounts to fund beautiful artistic and creative projects, that we can’t wait to turn into reality. They belong to artists that, in our opinion, deserve support and encouragement.

The 6 projects selected by the jury following a public call are Fata Știmei Apelor, An Almost Political Dairy, deCluj, Generique Interactiv, Illustrated Facts About Transylvania, Fotopia Collective.

Our goal is to raise Euro 30,000 from these non-mandatory festival tickets, money that we will use to fund all these 6 initiatives. Sounds good? : )

How you can get involved

Anyone can get involved in the Fund campaign. And it’s very simple:

  • Buy a non-mandatory ticket online here, from Bilete.roEventim or BiletMaster, select the amount that you wish to transfer to the Fund. You can trade your ticket for a bracelet at any time, during or before the festival, at our office in Cluj.
  • Tell others about the fund: online or offline – use on social media the hashtags #AmCumparatBratara #FondulJazzinthePark (maybe even a photo of your Jazz in the Park 2018 bracelet) to let others know that they can also support the Fund.
  • Come to the festival, buy a non-mandatory ticket from the Jazz in the Park Fund volunteers and receive on the spot the supporter/jazz fan/super jazz fan bracelet.

What are the projects to be financed from the Jazz in the Park Fund 2018

We “talked” about how you can get involved, now let’s talk about the projects and what they involve.

Fata Știmei Apelor is a graphic novel that explores the conflict between technological progress and nature. The artistic comic is full of adventure, dynamism and fantasy elements, and has characters and motifs from East-European fairytales. Initiators: Maria Surducan and Benczedi Anna Julia.

deCluj is an unusual collection of boards that can be turned into scale models: the project invites us to discover the architecture of Cluj by playing, building paper buildings, easy to assemble, regardless of age or handiness. A different urban guide, contributing to the highlighting and completing of a contemporary overview on the multicultural heritage of Cluj. Initiators:  Klara Veer and Dan Burzo.

An Almost Political Diary is an artist book of Lucia Mărneanu, a collage at the border between political cartoon and graphic journal, inspired by the notes spread on the edges of her personal notebooks. Lucia maps the information excess that we face, through a fabric of fugitive observations, repetitively tapping into potential conclusions on topics such as: the absurd; location and dislocation; meaning and lack of meaning; informational chaos and the end of history. Initiators: Lucia Mărneanu and Oana Hodade.

“Générique” Interactiv  consists of the production of a concert influenced by jazz and electronic music, in a space that not only acts as a stage, but also as a space for an interactive sound installation. Initiators: Joszef Iszlai and Ors Albert-Nagy.

Illustrated Facts About Transylvania is a book of illustrations about Transylvania, a guide for the modern tourist. A souvenir book, illustrated based on the curiosities about Transylvania, a combination between the historic and cultural heritage and the authentic lifestyle, sprinkled with myths, superstitions and humor. Initiator: Stela Caraman.

Fotopia Collective represents a series of events dedicated to documentary photography, gathering in Cluj the most important documentary photographers in Romania and abroad, through a series of exhibitions, projections, debates, workshops and special events. Initiator: Călin Ilea.

At the festival, you can find out straight from the project initiators about their ideas and other creative ideas that they have, you can attend their exhibition and the dedicated activities they will organize.

About the Jazz in the Park Fund

In 2015, Jazz in the Park became the first project in Romania to introduce the concept of non-mandatory tickets: the access to the festival is free of charge, but those who wish to do so can buy non-mandatory tickets. The money we collect from these tickets goes to a fund intended to support cultural intervention projects in the public space.
In 2015, we have collected EUR 10,000, in 2016 – EUR 15,000, and in 2017 – EUR 13,500. The Jazz in the Park Fund is how a festival turned people into an active community, with members who get involved and support cultural projects.


Art gallery on wheels: visual revitalization project, through art, of the old trams in Cluj and turning public transportation means into an art gallery on wheels.
Te Khelas Amen! –non-formal education project addressed to children and young people from the Coastei – Pata Rât community, through activities such as: theme visits, painting, sewing workshops, crafts, activities and sports competitions.
Sports scholarships – providing one year sports scholarships for the young people of Pata Rât.
Building a playground and sports field in Pata Rât.

PROJECTS FUNDED IN 2016: three projects from artists in Cluj were funded through the money gathered during the fourth festival edition.

MOARA/ Body Bridge is a project consisting of building a wooden installation shaped as a bridge or social space. It is a pedestrian bridge built over Morii Canal, in a green place, where everyone will be able to escape the urban crowds. Blajin, the project initiators, propose to recover, in this manner, some of the industrial and human history of the old Cluj, combining visual arts with sculpture and carpentry. The Body Bridge can be found on Splaiul Independenței, corner with Pandurilor, near the Olympic Pool, in Cluj.

MĂSCĂRICI gathers 27 graphic illustrators uniting their talent to create a special card game. Each illustrator uses his/her imagination to determine the elements composing the clothing of the selected country. This is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Păcălici card game we all used to play as children, a reinterpretation between visual arts and design.

OUR ENVIRONMENT REMIXED reveals how the sounds of the park can create music, and each of us can contribute to such a project. The idea involves creating an electronic music desk operating based on the sounds recorded in the park. The system is designed for interaction, so that each visitor can create electronic music from the sounds of trees, birds, and the environment where the sound system will be installed.

In 2015, Jazz in the Park became the first project in Romania to introduce the concept of non-mandatory tickets: the access to the festival is free of charge, but those who are willing to do so can purchase a symbolic ticket, and the money collected from these tickets goes to a fund intended to support community projects for the benefit of the city. This year’s theme is supporting certain cultural, educational and social projects in the most underprivileged area of Cluj, Pata Rât, near the landfill, and also supporting projects for the benefit of the city. Over 1,500 people live here, many of them children.

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