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Jazz in the Park presents 100 years of Romanian music through 4 concerts in the park, at midnight

Four concerts carrying us through the last 100 years of music will take place during the Jazz in the Park Festival, on the Romania 100 stage, in the Central Park in Cluj. Each of these concerts focuses on a certain period in the history of music and approaches different styles and genres: classical music, doină (TN: ancient music style, customary in Romanian peasant music), the Communist period jazz and contemporary jazz.

The pianist Bogdan Vaida will pay a tribute to George Enescu during the Enescu concert, on June 28: Manifest pentru România (Manifest for Romania), where the Romanian composer’s pieces will be placed in the universal context of classical music, next to Liszt, Brahms and Schubert. Basically, this will be an incursion through the 100 year history of universal music.

The NOD – New Old Doina concert resurfaces the ancient Romanian doina, on June 29th. The fundamental base of this music project is represented by the two prevalent, vital qualities of the doina, namely the free rhythm and its strongly improvisational character, brought by Maria Casandra Hausi, the ambassador of the Romanian doina, and Sorin Romanescu, currently one of the most important jazz guitarist.

Nicolas Simion – Sorin Romanescu Duo bring a tribute to the great jazzman Johnny Răducanu during the concert Tribute to Johnny, on June 30th, and Johnny Răducanu’s songs will be reinterpreted by the two great musicians.

The fourth concert from the midnight series, Sentimente românești (Romanian Feelings), is about contemporary jazz, with one of the most active and popular jazz bands in Romania. JazzyBIT closes the Jazz in the Park Festival, with a concept concert dedicated to the 1918 Great Union Centenary. Particularly based on the more melodious and lyrical compositions from their repertoire, JazzyBIT proposes a selection of songs reflecting feelings specific for that time. Songs such as “Poate De Ce”, “Equilibrium” or “Dream River” convey joy, hope, unity and become one with the free spirit of jazz.

The Romania 100 stage is powered by Alexandrion and will be located in front of the Casino building, in the Central Park. The stage will be active at midnight, during the four days when the festival will take place in the park: June 28th – July 1st.

The concerts in the park have free admission, based on non-mandatory tickets, which can be purchased by those willing to support the Jazz in the Park Fund and the selected artistic and creative projects.

The Jazz in the Park Festival (June 21st – July 1st) will begin in exactly 2 weeks from now. The official opening will take place at the Hungarian Opera in Cluj with the concert of Juan de Marcos Afro Cuban All Stars, and for 11 days, concerts and activities will be organized in several locations in the city. The International Jazz in the Park Competition will take place on the Someș River bank, six of the most spectacular concerts will take place at the Art Museum, there will also be activities in the street, and during the last four days, the festival will take place on the four stages in the Central Park.

For the opening concert and the concerts at the Art Museum, tickets and passes are available for purchase, and the concerts in the park and the river bank have free admission, with non-mandatory tickets that can be purchased by those willing to support the Jazz in the Park Fund.

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