Jazz in the Park – Across the City and Jazz in the Park – In the Ethnographic Park

  • The two events will take place on June 24-27 and September 3-5 respectively, in different places in Cluj-Napoca.
  • In order not to endanger the health of the participants, each festival will be organized in such a way as to allow a limited number of people to access the concerts.

Jazz in the Park – winner of the Best Small Festival title at the European Festival Awards 2019 – returns this year with a new formula: two festivals that will take place at different times, in different places and based on different concepts.

Both events are designed to ensure public access to concerts, but in a small number of people and in maximum safety, so as not to endanger the health of participants.

“We understand very well the situation we are in and the restrictions on events. I think I proved that through the projects delivered last year. At the same time, compared to other festivals, we have the luxury to adapt ours to almost any capacity. If concerts with 100 participants will be allowed, we will organize them with the same seriousness and interest with which we have organized concerts with thousands of participants in the past. If the restrictions relax, we will be ready to adjust again. We must assume from now on that we are working on this project to have enough time to develop it, regardless of the conditions.

We aim to be an example of good practice, as we have been with all the decisions we have made in the past. But it is important both for us and for the public, artists and partners, to show that we dare to think of something, that we are willing to do something as long as it is a chance,” said Alin Vaida, director of Jazz in the Park.

On June 24-27, 2021, Jazz in the Park – Across the City, an event that marks the eighth edition of Jazz in the Park, will take place in several places in Cluj-Napoca, and not only in Central Park, as before. During the four days of the festival, in at least four different areas of the city, such as Iulius Park, the Art Museum, the Stadium Alley or the Central Park, there will be stages for over 40 concerts and special events from the festival. Conceptually, the June festival will be oriented through its projects towards the local community and towards the development of the jazz market, as it previously happened at all editions of Jazz in the Park.

Jazz in the Park – In the Ethnographic Park, instead, will be a festival whose focus will fall on the experimental area of ​​jazz. It will take place on September 3-5, 2021, in the Ethnographic Park “Romulus Vuia” in Cluj-Napoca.

This structure allows the organizers not only to provide a safe, risk-free environment during a pandemic, but also to create the perfect context for all those who want to listen to good music or who want to get involved in the event, whether we are talking about the public, artists, partners or sellers.

At the same time, the organizers guarantee that they promise only what they can really do, that they will be honest and transparent with the public and partners, regardless of the consequences, and that they will adapt quickly to any scenario, favorable or not.

The only wish of the organizers is for the public to LISTEN.

“The decision to hold two events is not influenced by the pandemic. It is part of the development direction of the Jazz in the Park brand. We have felt since 2019 that it is difficult to further develop the project in Central Park and that the development must come horizontally, with other new projects and concepts. And last year’s experience with the Ethnographic Park, both as an event and in collaboration with the staff there, made us develop a long-term concept for this place. When we return to a normal context, we want to operate with two events in Cluj, in parallel. The first will remain in the Central Park, will be with free access and will open in summer, and the one in the Ethnographic Park will be with access on tickets and with a limited capacity. The difference between them will be essentially conceptual: the first will be more oriented towards community, partnerships, many educational projects and the development of the jazz market, and the second aims to be more experiential, more focused on artists. who concert. We have contributed for 7 years to the development of the jazz audience in Romania, and the project in the Ethnographic Park will measure our impact, “ said Alin Vaida.

Why and how are we doing Jazz in the Park?

Why and how are we doing Jazz in the Park?

We will have many new creative concepts, programs for artists, auditory experiences for the public, online content production and many other initiatives.

Why are we doing Jazz in the Park and why across the city?

Why are we doing Jazz in the Park and why across the city?

We moved the festival all over town because it’s safer. It is both spectacular and easier to organize the festival throughout Central Park rather than having bits of it everywhere, that’s true. But we promise you it will be more than interesting…

Jazz in the Park is back

Jazz in the Park is back

Even though the 8th edition of Jazz in the Park had to be postponed due to the whole situation caused by the spread of...