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Jazz in the Park Fund 2018: 30,000 euros for art projects

For the fourth consecutive year, we have launched the Jazz in the Park Fund, a mechanism through which participants support art and get involved into the community. This year, our goal is to raise 30,000 euros from non-mandatory tickets, money which will be used to fund at least three art projects. Today, 28 February, we have initiated the call for projects.

Who can register

Registration is available to Romanian and foreign artists, in need of funding for developing and presenting their project in Cluj. The eligible persons are individuals, associations and initiative groups proposing experimental approaches of traditional arts, in fields such as:

  • visual arts (painting, sculpture, graphic design, decorative arts, photography, video-art, ceramic, installations, animation, collage, film, architecture, design, concept art, etc.);
  • literature (editing and publishing of original literary content, editing and publishing of books, comics, magazines and other new cultural publications, online editorial and literary projects, etc.);
  • performance arts (musical production, theater, dance, etc.);
  • other art fields (new media, culinary art, multidisciplinary arts, etc.).

This year’s goal for the Fund is to raise 30,000 euros. If the raised amount is lower, we undertake to fund at least three art projects with the total amount of 16,000 euros. The value of the funding granted to the winning projects will be between 1,700 and 5,000 euros.

This is out third year of funding cultural projects. We have raised our goal and the related amounts, which is why we are expecting many good applications. Just like the entire Festival, the Fund has grown nicely, achieving a rather extraordinary objective. It’s not everyday that a festival’s community raises and donates 30,000 euros for the good of the city. We are honored to be able to do this.

Applications can be filed online at by 8 April 2018. Furthermore, a Q&A session will be organized, with the people who wish to register projects within the Jazz in the Park Fund 2018.

Last year, the winner of the Jazz in the Park Fund was the project Art Gallery on Wheels #3, a visual revitalization project, through art, of the old trams in Cluj, and turning public transportation means into an art gallery on wheels.  The Jazz in the Park Fund is supporting art and artists since 2014, and so far, the money raised from the community was used to grant scholarships to young and talented artists and to fund experimental art projects.

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