Sept. 18 | 19:30 

Jazz in the Park: 
Tiny Version 

Ethnographic Park 

JazzyBIT is a jazz band based in Timișoara, Romania, that offers an energetic combination of jazz and rock, scattered here and there with blues, Latin and funk. Although they might have very different backgrounds, there is something that brings these artists together: their passion for music and their playfulness and desire to discover new rhythms, dynamics and musical landscapes.

JazzyBIT are slowly but steadily making their way on the international contemporary jazz scene, already participating in some of the world’s biggest jazz festivals, such as Jarasum International Jazz Festival in South Korea, Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival in Lithuania or Belgrade Jazz Festival in Serbia. All About Jazz referred to them as a band who managed to “channel the successful Esbjörn Svensson Trio combo by bringing a bit of rock attitude to catchy tunes adorned with a melodic lilt. What also caught the ear was their combination of funky rhythms, tight musicianship and witty arrangements.”