Sept. 18 | 18:00 

Jazz in the Park:
Tiny Version 

Ethnographic Park 

In RVQ, the quintet created by Radu Vâlcu, the passion for music is combined with seriousness, charm and virtuosity, with ambition, common sense and honesty. It is one of the few groups in Romania with such constant activity and a clear direction. Perseverance in the desire to make music following their own taste is already yielding results, and RVQ is becoming a reference group on the local scene.

Only after you discover their music do you realise that you have been waiting for it for a long time. Radu Vâlcu (guitar), Mihai Balabaş (violin, live electronics), Andrei Petrache (piano) and Răzvan Florescu (vibraphone, traditional percussion), together with Alexandru Badea (drums), will bring us Daydream, their debut album that proposes their own way of understanding music.