Akos Fekecs Project


The Fekecs Ákos project was founded in July 2017 so that Ákos could materialize his own musical ideas, with his friends. The program they will perform is part of the material from the solo disc Fekecs Ákos – Reverse to be released soon. Its pieces are composed for 5 voices, EWI sax/alt sax, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar and drums. From the softest harmonies, through the elements of international music, to fusion rhythms and uneven measures, to an aggressive sound, their music has everything. Overall, the group can be described as dynamic, open, energetic, particularly due to the electric instruments they use.

The access is free, and if you want you can buy a non-mandatory ticket to support the Jazz in the Park Fund. Non-mandatory tickets are available here and on  bilete.ro, Eventim and BiletMaster.