FrankieZ Experiment


The FrankieZ Experiment it’s the first project of the drummer Frankie Ercsei, who lived in Cluj a couple of years and now is studying jazz together with Charlie Enyed -piano- in PCC Groningen, Netherlands. This band is mostly about own compositions, especially about the musical journey and development what the guys did in G-Town. So, they are trying to bring some fresh vibes directly from the NY scene together with their fellow students Tereza Catarov (BG) -voice- and Zsolt Argyelán (SRB) -trumpet, and two musicians and good friends from Transylvania: Sandor Laszlo -bass- and Szosz Csaba -guitar-.

Frankie Ercsei – drums
Charlie Enyed – keys
Tereza Catarov – voice/fx
Zsolt Argyelán – trumpet/fx
Sandor Laszlo – bass
Szosz Csaba – guitar

CATEGORY: Interpretation, Composition
COUNTRY: Netherlands/Romania
CITY: Groningen

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