Gabriela Costa & Alex Man


The duo formed by Gabriela Costa (vocals) and Alex Man (guitar) have put together a brazilian musical show – The Miracle of Bossa Nova. Alex Man is a known and very appreciated guitarist and jazz contrabassist who often collaborates with both national and international big bands and with artists like István Gyárfás, Rick Condit, Maria Răducanu, Sorin Romanescu, Edi Neumann, Luiza Zan and many others. In this show, he will  play together with singer Gabriela Costa whose passion for music and life transpires in everything she does. The access is free, but we do encourage you to buy a non-mandatory ticket, in order to support the Jazz in the Park Fund.

The access is free, and if you want you can buy a non-mandatory ticket to support the Jazz in the Park Fund. Non-mandatory tickets are available here and on, Eventim and BiletMaster.