We will enjoy original free jazz funk with Iordache at Jazz in the Park. Here the compositions and improvisations are governed by the rules of chance. The band is fascinated about polyrhythms as they occur in Afro-Cuban music and would like to explore them more in the future.

Iordache has played in most Romanian clubs and festivals, notably at Bucharest Jazz Festival, Smida Jazz Festival, Alba Jazz, Jazz In Church, Stufstock, Fân Fest Rosia Montană, Om Rău Petrila, Jazz and More, Green Hours International Jazz Fest and Garâna Jazz Fest, and in a few other countries, including Hungary (with guitarist Eichinger Tibor as a guest), Belgium (with Eugene Chadbourne), Luxembourg and Israel. In 2012 Iordache opened for the Jack DeJohnette Group at Sala Radio (Radio Hall) in Bucharest.

The access is free, and if you want you can buy a non-mandatory ticket to support the Jazz in the Park Fund. Non-mandatory tickets are available here and on, Eventim and BiletMaster.