Marius Mihalache Band


Very few of us have listened to the cembalo as a solo instrument, at the confluence of classical and jazz. Thanks to Marius Mihalache, the cembalo, a traditional Balkan instrument, reaches new valences and incredible resonance, the artist’s spectacular achievements being even in his childhood.
In 1991 Marius Mihalache played a 32 minutes recital at “Scala” in Milan, performing cembalo adaptations of Rachmaninov, Chopin, Schumann, Schubert, Mozart. In 1992 he is invited to Rome, Italy, to play in the opening of Nina Simone’s concert, and in the following year, he performed a recital in the opening of Gloria Gainer’s concert.

In 1998 “Marius” was chosen by Chick Corea (out of more than 40 candidates) to play in the opening of his concert in Bucharest. That was the moment when the Romanian public had the opportunity to listen to his music, and he was better known abroad than in our country.

Movie soundtracks constituted another important step in the career of this unique artist. Between 1995 and 2014 he writes the soundtracks for various movies and TV serials: “Asfalt Tango” (1995), “Filantropica” (2002), “Garcea şi oltenii” (2002), “La urgenţă” (2006), “Ticăloşii” (“The Bastards”) (2007); “Clanul Spranceana” (2007); “Marilena” (2009); “America, venim!” (2014);

In 2003 the artist was invited in Geneva, to perform at the headquarter of the Organization of United Nations, in the presence of the state’s chiefs, participants at the Summit.
In the same year, Marius starts a U.S.A Tour to promote the album “ROOTS”.

In 2004, he performs a concert at the White House, celebrating 100 years of independence of the state of Panama, in the presence of high ranking officials from most world countries, including president G.W. Bush. During this period he performs in various concerts and festivals next to artists like Francis Copolla, Steve Vai, and others;

In 2007, the album “World Symphony” is released; this is a musical experiment combining jazz, ethno music and lounge played with the cembalo, flute, harmonica and song;
In 2012 one of his latest musical projects “Back To Swing – Marius Mihalache” emerges; with this project, he tries to draw the attention back to the music of the 1920s – ’40s, especially on swing music and the beginning of jazz. Currently, Marius is working also on a balkanik music project called Săftiță.

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