Mitch Alive & Robert Lee Fardoe


Mitch Alive on the decks means you’re going to have a party.

He wants to see people dancing and he knows how to make it happen. The Wheels of Steel are both the orchestra and the goalmouth.  With corner kicks and precise passing, artful flanking, deft dribbles, surprise throw-ins and spectacular bicycle kicks, Mitch brings a musical groove with him that brings the party alive.

With a sure hand, good taste in tunes and a firm grasp of the evening, Mitch offers an outstanding show which can only be described as a groove sensation.

 He already played in Beijing, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, London and almost the whole of Europe.

Robert Lee Fardoe is a Folk singer from London. In 2005, after his completed music studies at the University of Roehampton the native Welsh singer Robert Lee Fardoe left the island and went to a European Tour with his voice and guitar. Since 2006 he is now resident in Berlin.


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