TZUC studied piano and guitar from an early age and was introduced to DJ’ing in 2009. It just so happens that in the same year he was invited to play at a dub & roots event, held in an abandoned warehouse in Bucharest. He has since become a regular al local parties and festivals.

Soon after his debut, he began to host his own show on “Groove On”, a local platform meant to connect DJs and music lovers, that soon evolved into a much more interesting project & community.

In the years that followed, while working in a post production studio, he developed his skills as a musical producer. He then studied several percussion instruments and had the chance to collaborate with a considerable number of musicians from Romania and abroad – all this while playing, untiringly at a great number of venues and events.

His years of digging and experience have helped TZUC develop his versatility and steadily grow into a serious selector that understands the crowd and provides heavy dancing with pure emotion.

The access is free, and if you want you can buy a non-mandatory ticket to support the Jazz in the Park Fund. Non-mandatory tickets are available here and on, Eventim and BiletMaster.