Damian Drăghici Etnic Jazz Band

Sept. 19 | 19:30

Jazz in the Park: 
Tiny Version

Ethnographic Park 

Damian Drăghici comes to Jazz in the Park: Tiny Version with a daring project – Damian Drăghici Ethnic Jazz Band, which approaches our musical folklore from a fresh, new perspective resulting from the combination of jazz-specific improvisation with the authentic beauty of Romanian traditional music. Through this project, Damian Drăghici wants to bring back to the public’s attention the values ​​and emotions that spring from traditional music, from ballads, doines and choirs deeply rooted in our cultural genetics.

Etnic Jazz Band was therefore born from the desire to highlight the diversity and complexity of Romanian folk music, but also from the attempt to find a universal language meant to bring the cultures of the world closer – and this language is, of course, music itself, with all its influences.