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Why Jazz in Pata Rât

It’s the second year we have a festival stage in Pata Rât. We chose this place for several reasons. We proposed, since the first year when we organized the festival, to give a new meaning to public spaces, to promote high quality music and to unite the community around an idea, a common goal. We believe in the power of culture to change, to mobilize communities and generate changes around us. We do this through the festival.

We go to Pata Rât because we want to raise awareness regarding the situation here. We want to do this through music and through the festival: because this is what we know how to do best. This way, we’re trying to get the attention of the entire community: from authorities, to citizens who may be for the first time in Pata. We hope that, this way, people will understand that we have a situation that needs everyone’s involvement, in order to be solved.

Music is our “weapon” and through it, we manage to send messages. In this case, it helps more and more residents of Cluj and tourists become aware of the severity of the situation in Pata Rât. Moreover, it is a context where people from the Pata Rât community can meet those from Cluj or other places, in order to spend more time together, to get to know each other.

We feel that, for the people living in Pata, this night of music is a well received gesture. Regarding the music, the bands that come here do so with an open heart and willing to get involved. This was the case in 2017, and it’s the same in 2018.

Last year, we went to Pata for the first time. That’s when we took on 3 projects: a summer program for the children living here, a one year youth sports program and a park for children.

The first two projects were successfully implemented, while the second is still pending. We funded them through the Jazz in the Park Fund, so with money from the festivalgoers, and they were coordinated by the people involved in the Pata community.

The park is the toughest of all. Soon, we will receive a land lot and we found a company to help us build the park, by providing discounted equipment and helping us with the assembly. We’ll do it as soon as we finish this year’s festival.

Until then, meet us Tuesday, June 25th, in Pata Rât.

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