Mammal Hands


O altă trupă confirmată în premieră națională pentru ediția din acest an este Mammal Hands, un trio din Marea Britanie care combină muzica dance cu jazz și electronica.

„Colorful weaves of electronica-flavored jazz in some parts enchantingly infused with seductive scents of Indian classical music, ambient or African music, assemble a genre-defying unique whole dynamic in mood and structure and full of spaciousness and mystical wonder. Mammal Hands are the fresh new blood on the always refreshing Manchester-based imprint, Gondwana. The three creative minds who assemble the group are: Jordan Smart (saxophone), Nick Smart (piano) and Jesse Barrett (drums and tabla). That’s right, no bass. Not many groups can pull things off with a bassless lineup, but these guys certainly pull things off. A bass might add more spice to their music, but why fix something if it isn’t broken and even works brilliantly? These guys are young, talented, highly expressive and think outside of the box.”  by Igloo Mag

Primăria și Consiliul Local Cluj-Napoca
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