Victor Jimenez & Friends


Victor Jiménez & Friends is a kaleidoscopic view in which jazz breaks in to link different genres. This project proposes that the listener experiences jazz through many, apparently antagonistic sonorities, where the saxophonist injects lyricism to the electric mood, which surrounds the repertoire. Víctor Jiménez & Friends moves around the organic and electric music with a strong groove filled by funk, psychedelic free moments and Latin rhythms. This release feeds the provocation and eagerness to experiment jazz richness without leaving behind swing’s essence and the warmness of the sax. Despite the rhythm’s force which is conceived as the main character, there are also subtle moments and space for ballads and half time intervals.

Victor Jimenez – Sax
Will Barry – Piano
Florence Moore – Bass
Andreu Pitarch – Drums

Section: Interpretation, Composition
State: Spain
City: Valencia

Primăria și Consiliul Local Cluj-Napoca
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