Implant pentru Refuz – Acustic

  • June 25-28,
  • 2020
  • Central Park

Implant pentru Refuz held their first acoustic concert back in 2015, in Timișoara. The experience proved to be emotional and fruitful, as any song would get a new meaning and sound. Therefore, in 2016 they shared the experience with an acoustic tour. To make it unique and personal, in each city they were touring, they played the song Apus (Sunset) differently, along with a local talent that imprinted their own personality on the song. And we’ll get to be a part of this very soon. 

In 2020, Implant pentru Refuz celebrates 25 years of concert activity. From 1995 to present, the band released 9 albums, each one representing evolutionary stages of the musical route of the band. Over these past 25 years of existence, they managed to always keep a fresh sound, with equally sensitive and energetic music.


Octavian “Vita” Horvath – vocals
Valentin “Freaky” Popescu – guitar & amp; vocals
Răzvan “Meshu” Nicov – guitar
Alexandru Hera – drums
Ștefan “Pişta” Czifrak – bass