• June 25-28, 
  • 2020
  • Central Park

TATRAN is an instrumental trio, consisting of Tamuz Dekel, Dan Mayo (“Best New Drummer”, 2017) and Offir Benjaminov. What started out as an unexpected, underground, surprisingly tight live shows, has spread through the streets of Tel Aviv and out to the world, slowly creating a cult of a fan base, eventually becoming the internationally renowned band it is today.

TATRAN is one of those rare phenomenons which changes the game. They have been considered groundbreaking throughout the Tel Aviv music scene, bringing a sound never before heard, elegantly combining the classic guitar-bass-drums structure with a new approach to music & sound.

Always expanding the boundaries of the instruments, the trio uses a wide range of effects and sound manipulations, both acoustic and electronic. Together with elaborate compositions and precise arrangement, they create an orchestral musical experience. Imaginative and expressionist, with deep influences of post-rock, modern jazz and classical music, their music travels between the beautiful and the disturbing.