JUNE 24-27 2021




If 2019 year was about creating a time for friends, at Jazz in the Park #8 we’ll be taking this vibe to the next level. Our festival has always been about building up a friendly and attentive community, about offering enjoyable experiences, musical and non-musical, and, at the same time, about creating a context where people could help one another through different means. All for jazz is basically saying that, together, this jazzy community can grow much stronger and more beautiful.


Community on one side, music on the other. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not jazz could be your type, the answer is always positive. Why? Because there’s so many influences to it, so many different ways of owning it, so many genres that get together and create a whole new world, that it is almost impossible not to find your place in it. And this is what we’re trying to do here: give you the possibility to rediscover jazz as it is today and to let its flow and energy take over your body. Just wait and see!


Euros raised in the Jazz in the Park Fund