From the very beginning, Jazz in the Park has been an instrument designed for the local community. We’ve always wanted our initiatives to have a deeper meaning, to have side-effects that could be felt long after the event itself has ended. This is why we created the Jazz in the Park Fund or the Jazz in the Park Competition, or even side-projects like Art in the Street (initially named Jazz in the Street), that later on developed as an independent event for street performers of any kind.

The Jazz in the Park Competition

Our way to bring fresh jazz talents into the spotlight, and to offer them a chance at a serious music career.

The Jazz in the Park Fund

Our way to support social and cultural causes with the help of the local community.


Giving the Central Park of Cluj back to the locals

Before Jazz in the Park, there were no events taking place in Central Park. People weren’t even allowed to step on the grass, walk their dog or have a picnic there either. But we knew this has to change and, with the support of the local authorities and the entire community, 2013 became the year when the city’s Central Park could be enjoyed to its full potential. And things remained so ever since.

Introducing reusable cups

In 2018, we were the first Romanian festival to introduce reusable cups, and the response we received from people was extremely positive. For a tax of 3 lei, anyone could get their reusable cup at any bar and, when no longer needing it, they could either return it and get their money back, or keep it as a souvenir. Simple and friendly. Also, the initiative visibly reduced plastic waste during the festival.

Working with the community of Pata Rât

In 2017, we wanted to raise awareness on the living conditions in Pata Rât, a segregated area situated near the city landfill. And we found two ways of doing so:

  • we organized a special day of free concerts there, thus bringing together the people living in Cluj and the Pata Rât community. We had free transportation to Pata and back, to make it easier for everyone to reach the concerts area;
  • we organized a non-formal education programme for the children of Pata and also offered a one-year sports scholarship through the Jazz in the Park Fund. 

The initiatives continued in 2018.

Creating Jazz in the Park - Bogata edition

After Snoop Dogg checked in at Bogata (Mureș), instead of Bogota (Columbia), we thought it would be a great opportunity to bring this tiny, yet wonderful village into the tourist spotlight. Therefore, in 2016, we had a Jazz in the Park edition right there, on a football field, and it was a complete success. 

We managed to raise 3000 Euros in a day, money that were donated to the community of Bogata, so it could later on be invested in something of use for the villagers. 

Being recognized for our work

Jazz in the Park has evolved a lot since its first edition in 2013, and it gives us a feeling of satisfaction seeing that other people have noticed its growth as well. 

Up until now, we’ve: 

  • won the title of Europe’s Best Small Festival at the European Festival Awards (2019)
  • been nominated for the Cultural Entrepreneurship Award at Gala Premiilor AFCN (2019)
  • been shortlisted Best Small Festival at the European Festival Awards (2015, 2016, 2019);
  • received three Silver Awards at the Romanian PR Award (2016, 2019);
  • been shortlisted Best Festival at the Romanian Hospitality Award (2018);
  • been shortlisted for the “The A Stand” Award at the European Festival Awards (2018);
  • received the Event & Manager of the Year awards at Gala Premiilor in Jazz (2016).

2018 was also the year we joined Europe Jazz Network.