• June 25-28, 
  • 2020 
  • Central Park

The Mono Jacks are a collection of thoughts and feelings in musical form. You’ll easily feel this when you watch one of their thoughtful, energetic live shows and you’ll also notice that underneath a layer of pervasive melancholy they have a rawness that will captivate you. The band, founded by Romanian grunge icon Doru Trăscău in 2008, released three studio albums and two EPs so far.

Their latest album, Gloria, released in February 2020, is like a journey from one world to another, from one inner discovery to another. Based on the duality of this name that can either refer to a very beautiful woman or to glory itself, the album explores different frames of “mere immortality”. The lyrics were written by Doru Trăscău, the bandleader, in collaboration with Ștefan Teișanu.


Doru Trăscău – vocals, guitar
Andrei Zamfir – guitar
Cristian Chiru – bass
John Ciurea – drums